September 29, 2012

diy: hair ties

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I needed to get more hair ties, but instead of buying the usual plain black ones from Walmart, I wanted to try something different! Sooo, I ended up making these awesome hair ties. :) I bought 10 yards of elastic from ElasticByTheYard on Etsy for only around $8 (with shipping!). I love how colorful they are! All of them are super soft and stretchy except for the black ones, which is unfortunate since I needed black hair ties haha. Anyways, they're really fun to use because they add a pop of color to your hairstyle and they look nice on your wrist. :) I need to find a better way to store them, though. It's a bit hard to get out a specific colored hair tie without having to dump all of them out haha.

I hope you guys are doing well. :) I'm trying my best to post more! This upcoming week is going to be crazy in terms of school though...not really looking forward to that! But thanks for your patience and thanks for reading my blog! I hope you have an awesome weekend. <3

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