August 2, 2014

#choefamilyroadtrip pt. 2

okay, to be honest, i totally forgot that i had to post part two haha. i was actually in the middle of coming up with a different post and then i remembered that i had to upload the rest of these photos. here they are!
some of these photos are kind of mixed up. they're from johns hopkins, brown, and upenn! the whole time i was at brown, all i could think was "emma watson went here!" hehe.

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July 17, 2014

#choefamilyroadtrip pt.1

i really wanted to put all of the pictures in one post, but there was just too many. plus, this forces me to make update my blog again! haha

last month, i took two weeks off to go visit my family on the east coast. i can't really say i went "home" because i was technically only home for about four days. the majority of the time was spent traveling all along the east coast with my family. my parents picked me up in atlanta and we spent ten days going from city to city until we hit niagara falls.

it's been a whiiiile since my entire family traveled together. i'm really thankful we had this opportunity since family vacations don't come very often! the timing was really awesome too because we got to celebrate father's day and my mom's birthday together. it was a lot of fun. we saw lots of cool things, ate lots of yummy foods, and even learned new things about each other! spending 24-7 for 10 days straight with your family definitely has its ups and downs, haha.

anyway, here's the first half of our trip!
our first stop was duke! we visited on a sunday so everything was closed except the chapel, which was really cool. we saw people gathering for service! then we went to georgetown (starting from that bottom right corner picture of me, my mom, and my sister)!
georgetown was beauuutiful. not gonna lie, i had some regrets about not applying. but it's all good cause i still think berkeley is the best! wooot.
we spent an extra day in washington d.c. to sightsee! we visited a lot of museums, which are free btw !! i visited d.c. on a school field trip back in 8th grade and i really enjoyed it so i was happy to visit again. i definitely appreciated the museums a lot more this time around. i feel like you have to spend one day in each museum because there's so much to see! i would love to go back to d.c. (hopefully during cherry blossom time!).cfr5
story behind the picture on the right: while we were at the national air & space museum, there was a huge group of tourists wearing green shirts. my dad, without realizing, sat down next to them and blended right in with the group LOL. we all cracked up over this picture.
hallOz from da white hOuse!
it was fun being super touristy and taking a million pictures of everything. my sister and i definitely got some good laughs from watching my parents taking selfies on my dad's ipad. :)

that's it for the first half! man, looking through these pictures makes me miss all of this so much!

June 20, 2014

ira and james, pt. 2

remember the awesome wedding i went to back in march? well, i attended as the videographer and the video is finally finished and public!
i was pretty nervous about everything because the most experience i had with video was just making videos of my friends for fun, haha. i'm super thankful that i had this opportunity and i'm honored that i got to be a part of ira and james' big day!

yays! congrats again, ira + james! :)

p.s. i've been terrible about blogging lately...i will try to update more often. :x