September 22, 2014


i turned 21 last month and for my birthday, my friends surprised me with a photo shoot on campus! i was super touched by this thoughtful gift from my closest girlfriends. as someone who is always behind the camera, i never end up with any nice photos of myself (i have to settle for selfies). they wanted me to have these photos to look at during my time abroad--i haven't printed them yet, but i set one of them as my wallpaper!

the photo shoot was lots of fun! we kept joking that it felt like an engagement shoot haha. doug was hired to be our professional photographer for the day and he actually did a good job ;) hahah--thanks so much, doug!

we took a bunch of pictures, but here are some of my favorites! my friends may or may not kill me for posting some of these LOL.
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September 21, 2014


okay so, this post is looong overdue. i meant to post about seattle + my birthday while i was home, but my laptop decided to stop working so i never got to do it. i've become a terrible blogger, sigh. haha but better late than never, right?!

last month, my apartment mates and i went to seattle after we finished our internships and classes. we had attempted to make a trip to seattle the year before, but it kind of failed last minute. i'm proud of the fact that we actually made this trip happen this time (LOL). 

we brainstormed hashtag ideas for basically an entire day (because what's a trip without a hashtag? #obvi) and finally decided on #sightSEAniors--hence, the name of this post. 

i love these girls so much (including gina! who couldn't make it this time :/). we've been through so much these past three years and this was a nice trip to celebrate the end of summer and spend time with each other before we all go abroad/our separate ways (wait, what... no. T_T). 

so here are the pictures! these are just the ones from my camera. to see more, check out #sightSEAniors on instagram!
seattle 10
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August 2, 2014

#choefamilyroadtrip pt. 2

okay, to be honest, i totally forgot that i had to post part two haha. i was actually in the middle of coming up with a different post and then i remembered that i had to upload the rest of these photos. here they are!
some of these photos are kind of mixed up. they're from johns hopkins, brown, and upenn! the whole time i was at brown, all i could think was "emma watson went here!" hehe.

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