October 6, 2014

the british museum

yay more posts about london!

the semester starts a bit later here so i've only been going to school for about two weeks now. i'm taking a lot of fun classes ("modules") that i wouldn't have been able to take at berkeley. i'm taking "photographing the city: london," "media transformations," "art & society," and "magazine project." i'm sure i'll be sharing more about each class in future posts haha.

for my "art & society" class, we visit a different art museum every week! it's been cool learning about the different works of art and how to study art. our first week, we visited the british museum. :) i looove awesome architecture so as soon as i walked inside, i was speechless. it's really amazing and these pictures don't do it justice. it's very...grand. and the architecture is very unique. each of the exhibits is also very different too! i only got to see about half of the museum, so i may make another trip there (it's free)!
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October 3, 2014

natural history museum

i'm finally posting about london ! haha i'm always pretty tired by the time i get home from traveling/school so i never feel like sorting through photos and editing them. but i made myself do it! because i want to post more often and update family + friends about my time here. :)

a couple weeks ago (i've been here for three weeks :O and it's october...!!), i went to the natural history museum! i saw a picture of this museum on my tumblr dashboard a few months ago and i added it to my list of places to visit in london. you'll see why i wanted to visit it--the building itself is amazing and i'm a sucker for great architecture.

thankfully, most (if not all) of the famous museums in london are free! which is pretty great if you ask me. they're also really big so they take hours to look through (so it's nice that they're free since i can go back again if i don't see everything). the natural history museum had a bunch of exhibits, ranging from fossils and birds to earthquakes and the human body. i tried my best to see everything and i think i saw most of it!
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September 22, 2014


i turned 21 last month and for my birthday, my friends surprised me with a photo shoot on campus! i was super touched by this thoughtful gift from my closest girlfriends. as someone who is always behind the camera, i never end up with any nice photos of myself (i have to settle for selfies). they wanted me to have these photos to look at during my time abroad--i haven't printed them yet, but i set one of them as my wallpaper!

the photo shoot was lots of fun! we kept joking that it felt like an engagement shoot haha. doug was hired to be our professional photographer for the day and he actually did a good job ;) hahah--thanks so much, doug!

we took a bunch of pictures, but here are some of my favorites! my friends may or may not kill me for posting some of these LOL.
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