June 9, 2015

lisa + dan

so i have been the worst at updating my blog. i realize i never finished posting about my time in europe... i have all of the photos edited, but i haven't gotten myself to actually upload them for some reason. however! i found something exciting enough for me to break my long blog hiatus...

my first engagement shoot!
i had the honor and privilege of photographing my manager, lisa, and her fiance, dan! i was kind of nervous because this was my first time doing an engagement shoot, but everything worked out really well. lisa scoped out a few locations in her neighborhood and they look awesome in the photos!

i ended up getting a lot of great shots (thankfully! i was worried, whew.) and i wish i could post them all, but then i would end up with a blog post of 65 images. haha so here are some of my favorites from the shoot:

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November 12, 2014

paris + brussels

it was my childhood dream to visit paris one day...and my dream came true last month!! i finally got to visit the city of love with irene and hye and it was amazing. we only got to spend one day there because we had to go to brussels the next day--but no worries, i'm making a day trip there before i leave europe. :)

while in paris, we spent a lot of time at the eiffel tower and the louvre. in brussels, we had lots of good food--french fries, waffles, and chocolate?! that's my kind of city. we really liked brussels a lot! it was a very beautiful city, definitely underrated. i liked that it wasn't as crowded as other cities and the people were very nice. :) i also had fun brushing up on my french in both paris and brussels! heh.

get ready, this post is picture-heavy!
even though i've seen it a countless amount of times in photos and movies, i still thought the eiffel tower was amaazing.

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November 10, 2014

irene + hye visit london!

back in october, irene and hye came to visit me in london for a weekend! i was super excited for them to come because i missed my friends so much. there were a few things i had been wanting to do, but was saving for their visit--like going on the london eye and visiting stonehenge + bath!

overall, it was a great weekend filled with beautiful sights, great food, and lots of laughter! i'm very thankful to have friends who are studying abroad at the same time as me. it's nice having a piece of home over here (even if they're not actually in london...dublin, madrid--close enough hehe). irene and i visited hye last week in madrid and i'll be visiting irene in dublin this weekend! :)

here are the photos from that weekend! there's a buuunch. enjoy. :)
view from the london eye!

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